Adult pre-vocational programs are programs that offer a structured, comprehensive, community-based service for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Where appropriate pre-vocational programs may provide training in skills leading to employment, interaction in meaningful community based activities, social/recreational activities, and independent living. The activities and services of these programs are designed to adhere to the principles of normalization and community integration aimed at increasing age-appropriate actions, images and appearance of the individual.




The following questions are designed to be answered by the prospective program participant.


List the names and phone numbers of two (2) persons who may be contacted in case of emergency and their relationship to you.




Public funds may be used only if and when other sources of first and third party payment have been exhausted.  Carobell is responsible for establishing when a consumer has private insurance available, and we will assist and consumer in the coordination of private health care benefits.  Carobell will also be responsible for billing private insurance when applicable.


Insurance Information

Please complete the following Insurance Information.  Do not leave any area blank.  If an area does apply, please mark it N/A.


Entitlement Information

Please list monthly income from each applicable resource.  If none, then mark N/A:



Although we will assist participants in arranging transportation with CCATS, Carobell does not provide daily transportation to or from our day program. ADVP program participant will incur a cost for transportation provided by C-CATS in Carteret County or OUTSS in Onslow County.


Trainings Available in Morehead City:  (check as many as you wish)

Trainings Available in Hubert: (check as many as you wish)

Service Team

Your service team is made up of all the people who play a part in helping you reach your personal goals. At the minimum, your Service Team includes:

  • You. You are the Consumer of service. You provide the rest of the team with its direction.
  • Your parents or guardians, the people legally responsible for your welfare if applicable, or any other person(s) who provide you with support if you are your own guardian.
  • Carobell qualified professional (QP) and other appropriate staff. The QP is responsible for coordinating all the gathered information and writing it into an individual person – centered service plan. This plan is then shared with you, your legally responsible person (if applicable), and Carobell vocational staff so you are assured that your support team all understand what you want to happen while in the vocational program.