How can I find out if my child qualifies for funds to attend Carobell’s programs?

Contact us.  We will assist you in this process by providing you with information that will help you in choosing self-directed services. If you are inquiring about the ICF program, complete the application and get it to us.  We’ll help you with applying for Medicaid and take you through the admission process.

What insurance does Carobell accept?  Do they accept private pay?

Most of the programs that Carobell offers do not qualify for private insurance coverage or Tri-Care.  In some circumstances Medicare offers some coverage, but primarily Medicaid pays for client services at Carobell.  If you are inquiring about the ICF program, and the applicant does not already have Medicaid, Carobell staff will work with you to apply for it. For Day Support programs we can assist you with information on how to obtain Medicaid, if needed.

Carobell does accept private pay for some of its programs. Private pay is considered on an individual bases.

What ages does Carobell serve in their ICF program?  In their day programs?

Our ICF program is open to all ages.  Our camp programs are open to ages 5 to adult.

Our ADVP and Day Programs accepts ages 18 and older.

Who is eligible for Carobell programs?

Individuals wishing to participate in Carobell programs require a diagnosis of intellectual developmental disability.

What is the client/staff ratio?

Our Direct Care staff in the ICF program is one staff member for three Individuals.  Depending on the support needs of the individual, our day programs offer a one-on-one and group services.

Can we come for a tour and actually see some of the programs in progress?

We would love the opportunity to show you what we do here.  Just call us to make an appointment.  At the Hubert location; 910-326-7600, extension 4033 and at the Morehead City location; 919-436-4035

What is the admission process for ICF placement?

Family of the individual seeking placement should contact Carobell at 910-326-7600, extension 3033 and request an application.  Applications can also be found on our Residential Programs page.   On-line applications can be emailed to us, or printed out and mailed.  The completed application will be reviewed by our Admissions Team as openings become available.  Applications are accepted at any time and reviewed when an opening becomes available.