Ethical Standards


All Carobell representatives (Board Members, Administration, Staff members, Contractors, Volunteers, and other affiliates) are committed to the highest degree of ethical standards and will have no conflict of interest when conducting Carobell, Inc. related Business, Marketing, Service Delivery, Professional, and Human Resource practices.

Conflict of Interest

Each director, officer, committee member, and employee in a position of influence shall exercise good faith in all transactions relating to Carobell, Inc. and shall not use his or her position to permit a conflict to arise between Carobell, Inc.’s interest and:

  • The personal interest of a spouse or other family member of the Individual.
  • The interest of any corporation, partnership, proprietorship, firm, or association.
  • The interest of any other entity in which an Individual or Family Member has significant administrative responsibilities.
  • The interest of any organization in which such person has any financial interest.

All acts of Key Individuals shall be undertaken for the benefit of Carobell, Inc. with respect to transactions, activities, or dealings related to Carobell, Inc.

The following rules shall apply for any proposed contract or other transactioin/decision made between Carobell, Inc. and one or more Key Individuals, Family Members, and/or Related entities:

  • Full disclosure of the relationship or interest in favorable vote by the majority of the Board of Directors.
    • Key Individual’s vote shall not be included in establishing a quorum.
    • Board Meeting minutes reflect conflict disclosure, vote taken, and abstention (if applicable) of key individual.

    A Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure statement shall be furnished annually to each Key Individual and any new Individual shall be provided with a copy of this policy upon commencement of his/her position.

We reserve the right to withdraw from any partnership if the other agency is deemed by the President or the Board of Directors to be practicing in behavior(s) contrary to Carobell, Inc. Code of Ethical Conduct.

Carobell, Inc. actively advocates for increased pre-vocational skills of the individuals we serve by negotiating community contracts for work suitable to the individuals’ abilities.

Carobell, Inc. is a competitive business entity.  We maintain competitive rates and will not charge significantly more or less that competitive value for any contract or business operation.

Carobell, Inc. is a non-profit organization abiding by all laws governed through our non-profit status.

We maintain a Charitable Solicitation License.

We solicit in a manner that upholds the dignity and respect of people with disabilities.

We utilize donor contributions to enhance quality of life.

As we support people with disabilities, Carobell, Inc. will not utilize sympathy as a technique for fundraising.  Rather, we will promote positive attitudes towards people with disabilities through celebration of achievements gained or through empathetic glimpses of the various obstacles that our individuals overcome.

Professional service marketing is utilized to reflect the quality of services we provide which upholding the dignity and respect of people with disabilities.

Product marketing is utilized to capture the essence of the products manufactured by the individuals we serve.  We will emphasize the product itself, not the manufacturing of the product by people with disabilities.  All product marketing will maintain fair market value for the items sold.

Service Delivery

Carobell, Inc. assures that basis human rights are afforded to each member, and that his/her rights shall be understood, respected and preserved by the staff.

Carobell, Inc. is committed to the consideration of personal uniqueness/diversity of each member and his/her right to the highest quality of life.  Being located in a largely military as well as rural community, we continue to support identified cultural, spiritual, socioeconomic, and/or other preferences to the best of our ability.

Carobell, Inc.’s role is to assist the members we serve in where they want to go, but not set that direction independent of their wishes and desires.

The key to providing quality services rests in our skill and sensitivity towards understanding what the members are telling us about lifestyle choices and then assisting them in meeting their personal goals.


Professional representatives of Carobell, Inc. will act in good faith and in the member’s best interest with decision making regarding member care and not act on behalf of the professional’s own personal interest.

Professional representatives of Carobell, Inc. will offer the opportunity for the member/guardian to participate as fully as possible in all decisions affecting the member.

Professional representatives of Carobell, Inc. will offer the opportunity for the member to exercise those rights that are within the member’s comprehension and judgment, allowing the possibility of error afforded to the same degree to any citizen.

Carobell, Inc. will ensure that contracted services will be monitored for quality and effectiveness in the best interest of the person served.

Human Resources
It is our objective to provide a relationship of mutual trust and respect during employment at Carobell, Inc.

Policies are designated to provote the mutual understanding, respect and cooperation necessary to enhance individual care, educational services, and good employee relationships.  We attempt to provide written notice of any major change to employees.

Employment with Carobell is strictly AT-WILL, which means that employees are free to leave Carobell’s service at any time and that any employee can be terminated at any time with or without stated cause or reason, except as prohibited by law.

Carobell will use every reasonable means available to recruit the most capable employees.

Carobell is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate against any applicant or employee on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or other legally protected status, or on the basis of his or her relationship or association with a person who has a disability.

All employees have the right to work in a drug and alcohol free environment.

Carobell, Inc. employees are prohibited from engaging in conduct that may be defined as sexual or other unlawful harassment.

Carobell, Inc. will provide orientation and training to give employees sufficient knowledge and information to meet assigned responsibilities.

Employee job descriptions shall include the phrase “other related duties.”