Community Programs 

Adult Developmental Vocational Program (ADVP)

ADVP is a long-term day program service that offers a structured environment where members receive valuable basic job skills training and paid wages while learning to work as independently as possible.  Members are challenged to develop their physical mental and social skills and capabilities in order to achieve their highest level of self-improvement.

NC Innovations Waiver Program

This program focuses on individual needs through Individualized Service Plans.  Our primary goal is to promote independence through empowerment.  The NC innovations Waiver Program offers one-on-one supervision or small group supervised services to persons in need of more individualized services and level of care.

Station Club Enterprise

In our community-based pre-vocational day support programs, members receive life skills, socialization, and wellness training in addition to specialized pre-vocational skills training.  Members are given opportunities to participate in a variety of skills development and are encouraged to work to their fullest potential.

Members have an opportunity to participate in day programs including Horticulture, Woodshop, Candy Bouquet, and Pre-Vocational contract work such as bulk mailing, packaging and shredding.  As a day program, Station Club strives to procure sub-contract work from local industry and area businesses.  Paid work provides many benefits to our program participants, not the least of which is the feeling of accomplishment one gets when they receive a paycheck for a job well done.  But it doesn’t stop with our members!  The benefits to the industry and businesses we do work for is immeasurable.  Simply put, by working with Station Club as a sub-contract work center for your packaging, collating, and mailing needs, as well as any of those other jobs that may be considered “nuisance jobs,” you are turning on the power of work in our community and freeing up your own employees so they can focus on their core responsibilities.  Our overall goal is to continue to expand our programs to meet the needs and choices of the members we serve so that they may have the same opportunities to safely learn, work and play in their home communities as we all do.  For staff and members alike, every day is a good day at Station Club.  We work hard, we socialize with our peers and at day’s end we feel good about what we have accomplished.

Community Living and Supports Program

Community living and Support Services are designed to provide supports to participants who live in their own or family home. Community Living Support services are individually tailored to assist with acquistion, retention, or improvement in skills related to a participant’s continued residence in his or her own, or family, home.

Respite Services

Respite is a service that provides relief to the primary caregiver of a Member with a disability. Respite is also a time for the new person with the disability to make new social connections, develop trust in others, having own independent time.

Personal Assistance

Personal Assistance is a support service which provies aid to a member so that the member can engage in activities and interactions from which the member would otehrwise be limited or excluded because of his/her disability or disabilities. The assistance includes:

  • Assistance in personal or regular living activities in the member’s home.
  • Support in skill development.
  • Support and accompaniment of the member in regular community activities or in specialized treatment, habilitartion or rehabilitation service programs.

For more information about these programs, please contact us:


Mary Butts, Program Director

Carobell, Inc.
198 Cinnamon Drive, Hubert, NC


Latonya Lettley-Frost

Vocational Coordinator
Carobell, Inc. – Hubert Campus
198 Cinnamon Drive, Hubert, NC 28539


Annette Gibbs

Vocational Coordinator
Carobell, Inc. – Station Club Enterprise
306 Church Street, Morehead City, NC 28557