Wish List 

Here’s a list of items we’d love to have.  If you think you can make one or more of these wishes come true, please give us a call at (919) 436-4049. 

We’ll even come pick it up!

Activity/Arts & Crafts Supplies

We use everything from glue to glitter, from paint to puzzles, as well as sensory items (touch, smell, hearing). 


Vans, Vans, Vans...

Mini vans, wheelchair accessible vans, high top vans.  They just need to run great and have cold air!!

Golf Carts

We can use several of these for staff and individuals to get around our 5 acre campus.

Adaptive Switches & Communication Devices

Individuals with limited mobility benefit greatly from these switches and devices.  If you’ve never seen them in action, check out the pictures below: