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The LPN works under the immediate supervision of the Director of Nursing in optimizing health and wellness, and implementing nursing care for residents of Carobell.




  1. Provide for the health and safety of individuals who reside at Carobell, in compliance with Standards of D.D. Nursing Practice and ICF/MR Guidelines; adheres to all nursing licensure rules. Attend to individuals participating in day programs & camps as needed.


  1. Conduct daily health inspection of each resident. Report acute illness and infectious diseases to the Director of Nursing.  Report changes in seizure patterns, behavioral changes and other problems to the Director of Nursing.


  1. Document in each individual’s Interdisciplinary Notes at least monthly, or more frequently as determined by acuity, illness and/or health activities. Complete Quarterly Nursing Physical Exam and Health Summary, submitting to the RN for review and co-signature.


  1. Verify accuracy and completion of information in individual Program Books, including Hab Technicians’ Daily Notes, BM & seizure documentation, etc. Obtains physician’s signature on Standing Orders semi-annually and other orders in a timely manner according to the policies and procedures.


  1. Order medications and review medications received in a timely manner. Monitors medication administration of Medication Technicians.  Ensure proper documentation of regularly scheduled and PRN meds on the MARs as needed, and documentation in Controlled Substance Count sheets.  Monitor storage and disposal of expired medications.


  1. Report any problems to the Director of Nursing.


  1. Monitor health care performance of Direct Care Technicians and provide hands-on training/ instruction as needed. Inform the Director of Nursing of such needs/ activities.  Assist the Director of Nursing in reinforcing adherence to Exposure/Infection Control Procedures.


  1. Write thoroughly in the house Nurse/ Staff Communication Book, noting diagnosis of new illness, treatment plan, medical orders from the Physician, new medications’ possible effects, any changes made to the MAR, and any other pertinent information.


  1. Maintains adequate nursing/ health-care supplies while preventing overstock/ waste of medications and supplies.


  1. Ensure cleanliness, working order and adequate suppies for medical equipment such as feeding drip pumps, suction and nebulizer machines and oxygen tanks. Ensure proper storage and disposal.


  1. Assume on-call responsibilities on a rotating basis with the other nursing staff, as directed by the Director of Nursing.


  1. Attend doctor’s appointment with the individual, and meet their needs. Communicate professionally and accurately regarding the individual’s relevant medical history, medications and current needs.   Ensure understanding of Physician orders before leaving the MD office, ED or hospital. 


  1. Accurately transcribe MD/ Dentist orders onto the Medication Administration Record, and ensure staff understanding of new orders in person with staff at hand, and also in the Nurse/ Staff Communication Book. Communicate same to Director of Nursing.


  1. Attend IHP, Team and Psychotropic Drug Review meetings, as directed by the Director of Nursing.



  1. Maintain professional, harmonious environment/ communication style with internal and external customers, including Hab Techs, Individuals and their Guardians/ Family, Residential Managers, QDDP’s and all other Carobell staff, as well as Physician & Dental office staff, Lab, Radiology, Emergency Depts & Inpatient areas, our delivery Pharmacy and back-up Pharmacy, etc.


  1. Performs other assigned duties by the Director of Nursing.






Licensed Practical Nurse

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Recruitment Standard:


The position requires a current license issued by the North Carolina Board of Nursing with two years experience.  Employee must have a valid drivers license with no restriction.

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