Carobell, Inc. Announces CMA Certification with the launch of One Health Care Management

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About One Health Care Management

During the past couple of years, a new concept of Care Management was introduced to Human Service Providers. Tailored Care Management Services was the concept given by the State of North Carolina as a Medicaid Service. Carobell, Inc. accepted the concept, and today we present “One Health Care Management,” a certified Care Management Agency. Carobell, Inc has established over 50 years of Human Service Outreach to local communities. One Health Care Management, a subsidiary of Carobell, Inc., enhanced the Vision to provide a holistic approach to overall Health and Wellness in the local community. From prescriptions to housing, to therapy, to accomplishing personal goals, One Health Care Management will assist members in implementing their healthcare goals and needs.

One Health Care Management’s Vision is to “Reimagine Healthcare” as it relates to the Members’ goals and needs. We are devoted to Total Healthcare to the dimension of Members being the priority. In reimaging Healthcare, One Health Care Management’s daily goal is to address the need at hand and provide quality services. We ensure the quality of services, One Member at a time, One step at a time, and One Health at a time.

The One Health Care Management Team provides services and supports for members with mental illness, substance use disorder, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and traumatic brain injury. With over 30 years of combined care and case management experience, the One Health Team will ensure all services emphasize the person-centered plan development under the direction of each member. Member services include promptness, attention to detail, total member participation, and linking services that provide successful outcomes. One Health is Total Health Success.

To become an intricate part of One Health Care Management, call 910-595-5515. Begin the journey of enhanced overall care in an enriched environment. We look forward to meeting with you and beginning the journey of success and freedom in integrated healthcare.

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