Training is an essential factor at Carobell, Inc.  We offer a wide variety of training classes that are open to the community.  Training opportunities include:

NCI Prevention - $45.00
This course is designed to build positive relationships and inspire decision-making and problem solving skills.  In addition, students learn to assess risk for escalating behavior and provide early crisis intervention.  (4 hours)

NCI Core - $45.00
This course is designed to offer prevention plus and non-restraining blocks and releases.  (4 hours)

NCI Core Plus - $60.00
Core Plus is approved optional restraining physical techniques such as therapeutic holds, carries and techniques for special populations.  (8 hours)

Adult CPR - $45.00
Adult CPR provides hands-on training for students to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies with adults.  Participant materials include a skill card.  Class is limited to 10 participants.  (3 hours, 45 minutes)

Child and Infant CPR - $40.00
This course teaches participants how to recognize and care for breathing and cardiac emergencies in infants and children up to 8 years of age.  Participant materials include a skills card as well as information about preventing injuries.  Class is limited to 10 participants.  (8 hours)

First Aid - $40.00
Learn the skills needed to prevent, recognize and provide basic care to injuries and sudden illnesses until advanced medical personnel arrive.  This course assures that trainees stay prepared with valuable lifesaving skills.  Class is limited to 10 participants.  (4 hours)

Registration Information

  • Fees are per person.  Space is limited.
  • Enrollment Fee is $10.00 per class.
  • Refund Policy: Full refund if cancelled within 24 hours with the exception of $10.00 registration fee.
  • Training is conducted by instructors that are American Red Cross and NCI Certified.

Contact Carobell's Program Department at 919-436-4043 for more information or to register for an upcoming class.