Application for Volunteer Program, Ages 18 and Older

Application for Volunteer Program, Ages 13 to 17

You may print out this application, fill it out and mail it in or drop it by our Hubert office. 
Or you can fill it out and save it to your documents and email

or fax (919-590-1581) it to Cayla Weber, our Volunteer Coordinator.


Welcome to Carobell!

We want your volunteer experience to be as rewarding for you as it is for the individuals and staff at Carobell and Station Club Enterprise.  We truly believe that when you go home after your scheduled time here, you will be refreshed in service, and you’ll know you made a difference.  We also know you’ll have a smile on your face from the time spent with your one-on-one client.  Carobell really is a family, and we want you to be a part of that.

Programs and Services

Carobell currently operates six Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/IDD) in Hubert, NC.  These homes serve severe or profound intellectually developmentally disabled children and adults providing direct care on a 24 hour basis with a dedicated Nursing and Direct Care staff.

Carobell’s Vocational and Pre-vocational programs serve individuals 21 years of age and older.  The goals are to assist individuals with making choices in the area of vocational training and provide opportunities for individuals to enhance their self-directed leisure, social and vocational skills.  Individuals have the opportunity to earn a paycheck for the work they do at Carobell’s day programs.

Carobell’s Station Club Enterprise in Morehead City is another vocational program serving individuals 21 years of age and older.  Training is provided in various areas including horticulture, woodshop, contract mailing and shredding, Candy Bouquet and janitorial programs.  Here individuals are paid for the work they produce once a job is completed. 

All Carobell individuals are offered computer-enhanced learning on IPads.  An aquatics program is also available, offering opportunities for relaxation, recreation, socializing and enhancement of muscle tone.  In addition, Carobell individuals enjoy a variety of community outings.



Each Volunteer experience is unique!  You can make a difference in someone's life!  Read Amanda and Shawnna's story:

Job Description


An Volunteer assists the staff with day-to-day activities in the classroom and the homes by participating in art, music, creative activities, field trips, after meal care and personal grooming.


Volunteer are supervised by the Manager of the facility or their designated staff.

Job Description:

Each Volunteer will be given their own specialized job description which relates to the needs of the individual they will be working with, along with the specifics of the home or building they will be working in.  Here is a sample of items that may be included on your job description:

  • Participate in all area activities (such as arts and crafts, music, books)
  • Accompany staff and individuals on walks
  • Accompany staff and individuals on field trips
  • Assist in outdoor recreational activities
  • Participate in pool activities
  • Assist in combing or styling hair, painting fingernails