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Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional 


Job purpose 

Carobell, Inc. is an intermediate care facility for individuals with moderate to profound developmental disabilities. The Qualified Developmental Disability Professional (QDDP) is the professional responsible for the total active treatment provided to each resident. He/she obtains, coordinates and monitors all professional and paraprofessional services related to the developmental needs of each resident and the treatment plan devised to meet these needs. He/she is responsible for advocating for the residents in obtaining appropriate services and in protecting their individual rights as necessary. This position calls for work in a vocational facility. The QDDP works under the direction of the Program Director.

Duties and responsibilities 


· Conducts assessments – annual evaluations of client’s skills needs using a variety of assessment techniques. Analyze information to determine the current skill level as well as the appropriate functional needs of the consumers;

· Participates in Habilitation meetings – and writes, implements and monitors Habilitation plans. Serve as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team and attend Annual Habilitation meeting of each consumer assigned. Ensure the needs of the consumer are met, and that all aspects of training (i.e. behavioral, community access, and social skills) are incorporated;

· Develops program contents – conducts training, and monitor programs to ensure that they are followed as written. Ensure feedback is provided to staff immediately, and recommendations are made as needed. Refer continued problems following the chain of command;

· Conducts client training – as applicable, and ensure training materials, supplies are ready. Maintain high time on task; managing client behavior; using appropriate teaching methods and reinforcing appropriate responses.

· Writes Training/Services Objectives – for needs as identified and assigned by the team. Ensure objectives are age appropriate and tailored to meet each individual client’s needs. Ensure objectives are measurable, have a single outcome, have clear methodology, and have adequate data to access progress.

· In-Service Objectives – responsible for ensuring all trainers, Direct Care Staff are adequately in serviced on all objectives, and is completed for primary trainers;

· Documents Clients Progress – ensure that data is collected on training objectives, and that problems and concerns with documentation are reported to the Program Director. Ensure that progress notes are graphed monthly regarding assigned clients response to training. Review and analyze data to ensure client’s progress is not hampered due to incorrect analysis. Responsible for maintaining progress notes entries and status objectives; 

· Monitors Objectives Progress – Responsible for maintaining records of current objectives. Review data, and observe, and document staff training. Responsible for initiating action after a maximum of three months of no progress, or when other problems occur. Communicate recommendations/actions to the others as necessary;

· Schedules, conducts and writes notes for the Interdisciplinary Team and Core Team meetings, and communicates with the parent/guardian regarding the active treatment programs;

· Responsible for the total active treatment provided to each resident;

· Obtains coordinates and monitors all professional and paraprofessional services related to the developmental needs of each resident, and the treatment plan devised to meet these needs;

· Responsible for advocating for the residents in obtaining appropriate services and in protecting their individual rights as necessary;

· Maintains all of the residents files, and confidentiality of all information pertaining to the residents and staff;

· Communicates with Nursing Department regarding medical, physical and health needs of the residents;

· Communicates with Social Work Department regarding family contacts, consents, human rights issues, equipment needs, and personal funds;

· Communicates with the Educational Department regarding Vocational Programming;

· Communicates with the Psychologist regarding behavioral needs of the consumers and the Director of Therapeutic Services regarding the       residents’ programmatic needs;

· Participates in Utilization Review Committee, Psychotropic Drug Review, Quality Assurance, Admission and Human Rights Committee Meetings;

· Prepares monthly status reports and submits to the Program Director for presentation to the Board of Directors meeting;

· Performs other related duties as assigned.





· Bachelor’s degree in a Human Services Field;

· 1 year of paid full-time experience (or its equivalent) working directly with persons with intellectual developmental disabilities.

· Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.

· Must have good verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to work with others professionally.

· Standard English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


· Learn individuals’ strengths and needs;

· Adhere to the philosophy of continuous active treatment;

· Demonstrate genuine care and concern for the individuals;

· Maintain an orderly work environment and perform tasks in prescribed and safe manner;

· Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted during performance of job duties;

· Maintain and improve professional skills and knowledge;

· Understand and apply established principles, techniques and procedures required for effective job performance;

· Learn methods and procedures to be followed in assigned program area;

· Understand and carry out both oral and written instructions in an independent manner;

· Communicate effectively and tactfully in both oral and written forms;

· Be flexible and receptive to change;

· Adapt to periodic heavy work load;

· Maintain regular and reliable attendance.


Physical requirements


This position requires work in a residential facility. QDDP may be involved with clients who may require lifting and behavioral intervention. This position requires the QDDP in assisting some physically handicapped consumers on and off motor vehicles and

administering physical techniques in handling aggressive behavior to prevent injury to themselves and/or others.


· Ability to perform a combination of standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, and sitting for up to 8 hours

· Ability to bend at the waist to a minimum of 45°

· Ability to twist at the waist to a minimum 90°

· Ability to squat to knee level

· Ability to raise one’s self, unaided, from one knee to a standing position

· Ability to lift up to 20 pounds unaided

· Ability to lift up to 80 pounds aided

· Ability to maneuver individuals served from supine, sitting, reclining, etc. position to lift, wheelchair, bed, bath, etc.

· Ability to operate mechanical and electrical lifts

· Ability to push individual served (up to 200 lbs.) in wheelchair

· Ability to function in outside environment for up to eight hours

· Ability to enter and exit vehicles and assist individuals served to do same


Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.